YFA – Swedish Professional Associations for Physical Activity

YFA – Swedish Professional Associations for Physical Activity is an independent sub-association of the Swedish Association for Physical Activity and Sports Medicine (SFAIM), which is a section within the Swedish Society of Medicine`s 69 scientific sections. YFA’s main task is to produce and publish the scientific handbook “Physical Activity in the Prevention and Treatment of Disease” – FYSS.

YFA has also prepared the Swedish recommendations on physical activity, adopted by the Swedish Society of Medicine’s Board, and protected the trade mark FaR® (Physical Activity on Prescription – PAP, or FaR in Swedish) to ensure that it is used as intended.

YFA is a non-profit, membership association which welcomes membership from individuals with a university education related to health care and physical activity. Support us by becoming a member by click on the link below. Register your address information and select ”enbart medlem i delförening” and ”YFA”. Enter your name and address, as well as e-mail address. We will send a confirmation by email. Membership fee 200 SEK/year. Apply here >>

YFA’s board members are researchers and clinicians with extensive expertise in physical activity and health.